Erosis - Valtherion

Adventure Notes 6/2

Catching Up

The past two sessions saw the party explore more of the Sunless Citadel. They acquired a kobold ally named Meepo, who led the group to the kobold Queen. She promised a reward if the party would return a white dragon wyrmling that was stolen from them by the goblins that inhabit this place. 

Continuing into the goblin side of the ruin, the party found a fountain that dispensed elixir of fire-breathing, and another that dispensed poison. They avoided a chillingly cold door, and took out some goblin advanced stockades, before laying siege to Goblintown and slaying the hobgoblin chief and his shaman. Along the way, they also rescued a gnome named Irky, and a human monk and aasimir barbarian, who have joined the party.


CaroleOliver CaroleOliver

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