Type: Capital City
Region: Valtherion – The Provencal
Size: Metropolis

Human: 60%   
Halfling: 20%
Elf: 12%
Dwarf: 5%
Other races: 3%

Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Religion: Waukeen, goddess of trade; Tymora, goddess of good fortune
Imports: Wood, Coal, Cloth, Foodstuffs, Arms, Armor
Exports: Liquor, Ships, Jewelry, Luxury Items, Foodstuffs, Textiles, Furniture
Government: Mercantile Republic – Sole Ruler
Nobility: 49 Noble Houses, 16 Council Members (Coins)
Population: 46,639
Ruler: Prince Aderyn Combre

Quantivas is the capital city of the Valtherion Provencal region, a loose confederacy of mercantile focused settlements organized together for trade and defense. It is located on the southwest coast of the northern spur of Valtherion, adjacent to the Lotus Runs and the Great Western Sea. The city is fortified from sea and land with three major egress gates and a sea/river entrance. The area around the city is a mixture of saltwater marshes, limestone cliffs and fertile floodplain. Here, the three major Tradeways that cross Valtherion all converge. A person from Quantivas is known as a Quantivan, or a Coin if they are part of one of the noble houses that forms the ruling council.


The city is ruled by a governing council known as the Coins, lead by Golden Coin Prince Aderyn Combre. The Coins oversee trade and legal regulations in the city, as well as command the armed forces, numbering about 4,000 well-trained soldiers and 1,000 city watchmen. The Coin position is a hereditary responsibility, but Coins can be replaced by a vote of the council, or where there is no qualified heir to assume a vacant seat.


The 49 noble houses of Quantivas are constantly jockeying for power and profit. Most alliances are made via business contracts or marriage, although most of the noble houses are already related to each other in some way from centuries of intermarriage. The leader of a noble house is called a Lord no matter their gender, and women are as active in business and politics as men, although few are encouraged to run their households if there is a male heir present. 

The noble houses do little to exterminate the scourge of poverty in their city, although they do provide funding for public health, limited education and community festivals. These are seen as being good for business and therefore wise investments.

Quantivas holds a nominal authority over other cities and towns in Valtherion, but only because most of the rulers of those other settlements are nobles from Quantivan households. While Quantivan businesses hold contracts around the world, the city does not enter into many interprovincial agreements and avoids war at all costs. Fortunately, Quantivas is isolated from the warlike Imbraturi empire, being on the other side of the world, and has natural forbidding terrain boundaries between nearby provinces. The sea is a rich source of commerce and travel to Flintfyre, Hollowmyre, and previously to Farlorn before the destruction of that kingdom. 

Farlorn is a sore subject to some Quantivans. After the great disaster some 50 years ago, Valtherion was one of the areas where Farlorn refugees fled. These survivors brought tales of magical horror that has terrified the population for a generation and a half. New laws restricting the use of magic in public have been influenced by the stories.


Quantivan society is very open, with nobility and commonfolk regularly rubbing elbows at the finer establishments in town, or in one of the open air markets. Plenty of commonfolk make good wages or can even aspire to wealth, if not nobility. A noble title cannot be earned and must be married into – or at least one has not been granted to a new noble in memory. Still there is a distinct difference in treatment between commoners and nobility and they seldom fraternize privately, except where wealth facilitates such affairs.

Quantivas is a diverse city for a human kingdom, with barely more than half the population strictly humans. Halflings are the next most populous, followed by elves and dwarves. Three of the noble houses have elvish blood, two halfling, and one dragonborn. It is not uncommon to see some of the rarer races in town, especially in the trade districts or dock areas, and while an unusual race might draw glances from children, most Quantivan adults who aren't sheltered have seen it all before. One race's coin is much like another in most people's view.

Quantivas is known as a luxury capital and holds a number of public festivals – approximately one every 3-4 months. The festivals vary in nature except for the Autumn Harvest Festival, which occurs every year at the beginning of harvest season and lasts for two ten-days. Other festivals that come and go are the Winter's Moon, Festival of Lliira, Spring's Dawn, Festival of Lights, and others. 


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