Type: City
Region: Valtherion – Alessinian Desert
Size: City

Human: 40%   
Halfling: 20%
Dwarf: 15%
Tiefling: 15%
Aarakocra: 5%
Other races: 5%

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Religion: Waukeen, goddess of trade; Mark, god of thieves; Set, god of the desert
Imports: Wood, Foodstuffs, Liquor, Luxury Items, Horses
Exports: Glass, Jewelry, Arms, Armor, Minerals, Camels, Textiles
Government: Monarchy
Nobility: Two Noble Factions – Benefactors and Forebears
Population: 18,466
Ruler: Lord Anmir Abara

Mirrovar is a city on the border of the Valtherion Provencal region and the Alessinian Desert. The second largest city in a loose confederacy of mercantile focused settlements organized together for trade and defense, it is located on the Tradeways leading to the provinces of Andalessia and Stormhaven. The city is has open boundaries with a walled center keep and market area, and is surrounded on all sides by the sands of the desert. Through its center flows Musterian Creek, a small river that is the last source of clean water in the desert before one reaches the oasis at La Herre.  A person from MIrrovar is known as a Mirrovingian.


The city is ruled by a hereditary prince, descended from a cleric who made a miraculous spring of water appear here some 700 years ago. Musterian Creek has grown in size and strength over the years, making Mirrovar and enticing opportunity for investment, as the small river may one day provide enough water to cultivate the desert.


Over the last 700 years there have been many descendants of the original founder. Due to an internal dispute over inheritance about 250 years ago, the many loosely related members of the royal family have split into two factions – Forebears and Benefactors. The Forebears are on the side of the people who feel they were gypped of the inheritance, while the Benefactors feel they rightfully received it. What that inheritance was exactly has been lost to the ages. Today, the two clans have their own meeting places and events in town. Forebears wear yellow sashes, while Benefactors wear purple. The Lord wears both colors and must function as arbiter between both sides during disputes.

Mirrovar has a strong criminal element as well, as much of the city lives in slums. The cartels for opiates, and black magic are strong, as well as the official Thieves Guild. The nobles turn their eyes away from much of this and pretend it doesn't exist. Because of this lassez-faire attitude, many minority populations, refugees and nefarious persons have established a presence here, where they can hide in plain sight.


Mirrovingian society is very segregated, with nobility and commonfolk never interacting unless they can help it. Nobles rarely leave the fortified walls of their estates, and employ many servants to attend to errands. This is one of the better jobs in the city, and highly coveted. With the desert so close, most of the work of town is in manual labor. Two huge glass foundries pollute the eastern edge of the city with smog. Mirrovar relies on frequent caravans to assist in feeding its population, and there is much work for mercenaries and guards on the Tradeways in this area.

Quantivas is an extremely diverse city for a human kingdom, with less than half the population strictly humans. Halflings are the next most populous, followed by tieflings and dwarves. There is also a neighborhood of aarakocra. Tieflings and aarakocra come from the desert, and the dwarves here make most of their living assisting in mining the vast resources of desert minerals.

Mirrovar is known as "the city on the edge of the desert" and is a critical stopping point for travelers coming to or leaving Valtherion by land. The large local watch is quick to intervene in affairs that might harm visitors, but are lax with local residents. Therefore the touristy areas of the city are the safest.


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