House Rules


As a reminder, each character has 4 things they can do in each round of combat.

Action - This is usually used for your attack, but some other things that take an action in combat can include making a skill check, sheathing or picking up a dropped weapon, disengaging (moving away without provoking an attack of opportunity) and taking a defensive posture (adding +2 to AC until the start of your next turn).

Bonus Action – You get 1 bonus action each round. This can only be used for spells or abilities that say they use a bonus action – Healing Word and off-hand multi-weapon attacks are some examples of bonus actions.

Reaction – You get 1 reaction each round. This can only be used for spells or abilities that say they use a reaction – Shield and attacks of opportunity are some examples of bonus actions.

Movement - Since we are not using figures, in general the areas of combat will be small enough that characters with 30 speed can reach all the other characters within that space. If the scene is larger, or combatants are farther away it will be my responsibility to make that clear at the beginning of combat. Movement can be used in whole, or you can use part of it to move, do something, then move again.

When it is your turn, it will be helpful to us all if you would state what you are doing using these action terms. For example:

<u>Joe's turn</u>

Joe: 'I move next to the brigand. For my action, I am going to attack with my mace, then for my bonus action, I will cast Healing Word on myself.'
Resolves attack and healing actions; turn complete

If you want to do something as a reaction to another character or NPC's actions, do this:

DM: 'The brigand targets Joe, swings and hits you.'
Joe: 'STOP. As a reaction, I want to cast shield. My AC is now 16.'
DM: 'Joe sees the blow is going to slam into his face, so he squeaks out the magic incantation just in time to defend against the brigand's attack.'

Sleight of Hand and Stealing in the party

We have several characters proficient with sleight of hand and deception so here is how we are going to resolve thievery going forward.

The first sleight of hand check against a target that doesn't have a reason to suspect you would steal from them is made against Passive Perception. Stealing in a room where there are a number of people will also pit your sleight of hand roll against everyone's passive perception that can see you. 

After the first success against a target, making another attempt to steal from that target will be more difficult. The target will roll an active perception check and take the higher result between the active check and their passive perception for every attempt to steal from them.

If you are caught stealing from a character, that character will have advantage on all perception rolls to catch you in the future. They know to watch their purse when you are around them. 

Stealing items in non-character situations will always be against passive perception unless it's one of 2 situations. If the sleight of hand checks are part of a skills test, the check will be against the DC of the skills test instead of any character's perception. An example would be Indiana Jones trying to steal the idol without setting off the trap (obviously he failed.) 

Also, if you are in a situation where other characters that can see you have a reason to be on their guard against theft, or highly suspicious of you, they may roll perception checks with advantage. An example would be trying to steal items from the King's Court where there are many royal guards stationed around the room.

Missing a Session

If you participate in the session you will get full credit for the session's XP.


If you miss a session, you will be able to collect half the XP for the sessions you miss, not to exceed 1 level more than the highest level player in the party. 

If you miss a session, you will miss out on any rewards awarded during the session unless a player decides to give you something they received. Players earn gold from missed sessions at the downtime rate of practicing any profession or skill they have – minimum 5g/day as a member of the Cloaks.

House Rules

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