Erosis - Valtherion

Adventure Notes 3/26
A lovesick side job...

Returning to the Constabulary the next morning, Sal informs the party that the Kron brothers were bailed out overnight by the deJuns. He has a new job for them, an easy one – supervising a garden party at the Saj estate, where there will be lots of free food.

At the party Sal introduces you to Count Blazen Stoe, one of the Coin noble house leaders. Count Stoe is having a problem with his son Sebastian. Sebastian has taken an absurd interest in a tavern wench and keeps running off to be with her. The count has had enough of it and wants the party to recover him, and maybe rough him up a bit to remind him of his responsibilities and how dangerous the south side of town can be.

The party tracked Sebastian to a dive bar called The Black Blade. After buying a round for the tavern, they learn from the proprieter – "Ma" – that Ilva is the name of the girl and she hasn't been around in a week. Ilva's friend Mixi, a half-elf who works at the bar, initially resists sharing information but then admits that she and Ilva used to attend meetings in Outsider's Ghetto that were positively cult-like. Mixi suspects that's where Ilva and Sebastian have gone. 

The party locates the meeting shack and takes down the shack's guards only to have the building go up in flames!

Adventure Notes 3/19
Revenge in Quantivas

Sal, a good-natured recruiter for Quantivas's City Watch (the Cloaks), has invited our characters to come work for him during the time for the Autumn Harvest festival. Taking the PCs to the Saj Estate, where the tournament activities will take place, the party learns there was a dust up between two of Mistress Saj's employees – a halfling seamstress named Binnacy Kron, and a stableboy/squire named Larch deJus. This otherwise innocuous event turns dark when the victim's brother, Nelvon deJus, turns up looking for him. The lad was to be escorted home by Cloaks but failed to arrive.

Interrogating Binnacy, she initally resists sharing any information, but eventually cracks and admits that the Cloaks taking Larch home are her brothers. Instead of returning him to his family, they have taken him to the top of a watch tower in the city wall as part of a revenge plot to avenge the death of their sister Maude. 

The party hurried to the tower, where a strange priest was mid-sacrifice, but were able to handily defeat him and arrest the brothers. Sal commended the party for their work, and invited them to continue their investigation later.


- Maude had a relationship with Maurice deJus – elder brother of Larch and younger brother of Nelvon. Binnacy says Maude's pregnancy was an embarrasment to the deJus family. They rejected her offer to give the child to them to be raised and instead paid for her to travel to a city on the other side of Valtherion. She died when her traveling group was attacked by bandits.

- Binnacy's father died shortly afterwards, supposedly of grief. Before he died, he had been approached by a strange priest claiming to worship Talos, and offering to revenge Maude's death.

- The brothers admit to having contacted the priest against their father's wishes. But the priest was the one who suggested the blood ritual. They met the priest in Alais, when they were arranging Maude's burial, at a tavern.


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