The Hightower Family

Grizzly Hightower's Noble Family


Grizzly Hightower is the youngest of the 7 sons of the noble Coin Hightower family.



Lord Dietrich Hightower – The Duke, the patriarch. One of the oldest Coin noble houses and secure in old wealth investments. He is a curmugeonly man who is gruff and short with his children but only for their own good. He is indulgent and soft when it comes to his wife, however.


Lady Francesca Hightower – The Duchess, made of iron steel will but merry and jovial. A gracious hostess, she provides all the love and comfort her children need – but she will never cross her husband’s will even in defense of her sons.


Sir Jean Hightower – The Heir, a mere 15 years younger than his father, for his parents married young. He spent time on the seas as a naval captain and his weathered face is proof. Currently he is married to Dame Eleanor Saj and lives in a town house on the west side of Quantivas with his wife and children.


Sir Malcolm Hightower – The Backup Heir, and two years younger than Jean. Malcolm has spent his time learning all the intricacies of the family holdings and wealth and spends most of his time advising his father and older brother on matters of finances. He is married to Colovia Capet and has two daughters.


Sir Llewellyen Hightower – The Dandy, two years younger than Malcolm. Lew is unmarried and has a taste for the finer things in life, much to Malcolm and his parent’s regret. Careful to keep his darker diversions out of the public light, Lew toes the line between noble integrity and ignominious debauchery.


Sir Gareth Hightower – The Fighter, Sir Gareth earned his title by deed as well as blood. A knighted member of the Order of Tymora, he is engaged to be wed to Lady Angela Ryswick at the next midsummer. The impending marriage seems to have awakened a bit of a wild streak in Gareth, as his normally sober demeanor has given way to spending time with Lew and returning home drunk at all hours.


Sir Karth Hightower – The Obedient, ever one to protect and serve his family’s needs, Karth is open-hearted, serious, reliable and generally considered utterly boring by some of his elder brothers. But his reliability and honesty has also been a virtue they’ve relied on.


Sir Wills Hightower – The Handsome, turning heads of ladies everywhere. His betrothal to a member of house d’Allison has been broken due to the lady’s elopement. Many noble lasses fancy Wills now has a broken heart and they’ll be the one to mend it. For his part, Wills is more interested in horses and beer than women at present.

The Hightower Family

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