Sebastian Stoe

Hier of Coin House Stoe


A young human, tall and gangly, with a large mane of curly brown hair.


Sebastian Stoe is heir to Coin House Stoe and shows signs of the same reckless temperment his father displayed at his age. Fortunately, Sebastian has his father and siblings around to attempt to rein him in.

Sebastian’s fellow Coin noble youths began exploring the depths of Quantivas by taking jaunts to establishments of ill repute. One such place, The Black Blade, threatened to turn violent. Sebastian and his friends avoided a fight at the intervention of a barmaid, Ilva Thwaite. In Ilva Sebastian believes he has met his soulmate – fiery, alive, passionate, fearless, reckless and exotic – Ilva is everything Sebastian feels his life has been missing to this point.

Unfortunately, unbeknownst to Sebastian or Ilva, they’ve been swept into a Cult of Shar. Selected to participate in the cult’s ritual, Sebastian now lingers at death’s door as his soul is slowly siphoned into the Shadowweave.

Sebastian Stoe

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