Nelvon deJun

House of deJun Noble


Nelvon is on the older end of 30 years of age, with a close cropped beard and long dark hear.


Ambitious with an eye for detail, Nelvon is not yet the official head of the household but his 78-year-old father Royce is frail and no longer has his wits about him. Therefore, Nelvon has assumed all of his father’s responsibilities in managing the family property around Alais, and their wine and ale making businesses. A minor noble house, the deJun’s do not hold one of the Coin Council positions, but have slowly and steadily climbed the ranks of society due to their impeccable reputation.

Nelvon has two brothers – Maurice and Larch, and a sister – Rebekah. He is slightly embarrassed that Larch is a mere stable hand and seems to be content being so. Larch is the baby of the family. As eldest Nelvon feels responsible for ensuring Larch’s safety, and he does genuinely care for his family.

Nelvon deJun

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