Mixi Berribloom

Barmaid at The Black Blade


A half-elf commoner, Mixi has long hair that is currently dyed black.


A lifetime resident of Quantivas, Mixi works to support her elderly adoptive mother. Neither she, nor her mother is quite sure of her parentage. Always looking for a place to fit in, Mixi befriended a Farlorn refugee named Ilva Thwaite who took a job at the same tavern Mixi works at. Ilva introduced Mixi to a strange cult of death, that terrified her and caused her to reject Ilva’s friendship.

Mixi has always been interested in adventure and the exotic. That’s why she took a job at the Black Blade even though she probably could have worked at a nicer establishment. She has a kind and brave heart.

Recently she has taken a liking to Densharr, a young Tabaxi adventurer. She wears his token, a topaz necklace, wherever she goes.

Mixi Berribloom

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