Ilva Thwaite

Farlorn Refugee and Barmaid at The Black Blade


A comely human maid with short red hair.


Ilva has no memory of Farlorn – in fact she was born in Valtherion, at the oasis near La Herre. Yet she is lumped in with the refugees of that continent based on her grandparent’s ancestry.

Recently relocated to Quantivas, Ilva took a job as a barmaid at The Black Blade. Shortly after she was introduced to a group of people who said she could unlock her potential through the passionate power of flames. Dying her hair red to show her support, Ilva has introduced several friends to the group – including Sebastian Stoe, a young nobleman who has taken an interest in her.

Things took a turn for the worse when it was revealed that her support group was really a cult of Shar. Now Sebastian lingers on death’s doorstep and Ilva has been threatened – literally beaten – by his family. Under the protection of the Temple of Tymora, Ilva begins to think about her future fortunes and what she can do to change them.

Ilva Thwaite

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