Count Blazen Stoe

Head of Coin House Stoe


A tall man with a bald head, Count Stoe’s face is usually fixed in a scowl or grimace.


Coin House Stoe is small, conservative and not as wealthy as many other Coin houses – but they are the only Coin family that specializes in the trade and procurement of arms and armor so they wield considerably influence in matters of security.

Blazen Stoe was the only child to survive to adulthood of his 5 siblings, and he inherited the title at age 14, after the death of his father at sea. Reckless as a youth, he spent his family’s wealth freely, and on questionable ventures – there isreportedly more than one Stoe bastard in greater Valtherion. At the age of 25, Blazen nearly was ousted from the Coin Council. With the death of his father’s long time head of the household, the weight of responsibility for managing the Stoe Estate fell on Blazen – some men would have been crushed beneath it, but in this instance it was enough to shake him out of his childish stupor and reform his character.

One of Stoe’s first orders of business was to preserve the family name. Nearing 30 with a bad reputation, marriage options were slim, but the Count made a good match with Elia Le Brun, the youngest daughter of the Jouset branch of the Le Brun family. This brought product from the mines at Jouset into his family’s portfolio, enabling Blazen to rebuild the wealth he had squandered. Elia died in childbirth, leaving him with three children – Sebastian, Solomon and Cassandra.

Now Blazen is as sharp and inflexible as the steel his family’s companies produce. Unfortunately, his heir Sebastian seems to have inherited much of his father’s reckless youthful exuberance. Rumors persist in Quantivas that the more scholarly Solomon (or even the martially-minded Cassandra) may be named heir in his place.

Count Blazen Stoe

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