Binnacy Kron

Halfling Commoner


Binnacy is a powerfully built halfling female; short and stout. It is obvious she has spent much time in manual labor, and seems ill-suited for her role as a seamstress. Long brown hair frames her broad face, with deep set brown eyes sparkling fiercely when angry. Lately, she is angry more often than not.

While she believes in her families plan for revenge, she is also worried that her brothers may find themselves in trouble for their role in the proceedings.


Binnacy Kron was the average common halfling in Quantivas – working manual labor jobs, dicing at the tavern with spare coppers, enjoying a good Sunday nap in the sun, etc. Then her sister Maude came home raving about this noble Maurice and all of Binnacy’s joy seemed to evaporate like puddles in summer.

As happy as she was that her sister had found love, Binnacy worried that it would come to naught – but she anticipated a broken heart, not a noble’s bastard in Maude’s future. Binnacy councilled against her father approaching the deJun’s for assistance at all. Sadly, Maude’s death has proved her right, but Binnacy takes no pleasure in it.

Along with her four brothers, Binnacy’s desire for revenge overwhelmed her good senses. She took an ill-fitting job at the Saj Estate to get close to Larch deJun and enable her brother’s plot to kill him. Immediately regretting it, Binnacy knows now that revenge won’t ease the pain in her heart.

Binnacy Kron

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