Erosis - Valtherion

Adventure Notes 4/9/17

The Cult & the Stoes

As the building burns, most of the party rush inside and rescue a man trapped under a fallen beam. It is Sebastian Stoe and after questioning the witnesses and putting out the fire, the party takes Sebastian to his father's house, where they receive their payment.

However, Sir Pentis notes that Sebastian is very sick and not just with the effects of the fire. Benavides spotted a strange ritual rune in the shack before it collapsed. Putting two and two together with information from Ilva, the three magic users determine the rune is necromantic in nature and is in some way connected to Shar, the Mistress of the Night. Sebastian was being used as part of a ritual to Shar.

The party reunites Ilva and Mixi. Mixi entertains Ilva and Densharr at her apartment for the evening. Densharr awakes to find Ilva gone – apparently abducted in the night. After reporting her abduction to Sal at the Constabulary, the party splits. Sir Pentis goes to the Temple of Tymora, while everyone else goes to the College of the Arcane to research the rune at the arcane library.

At the library, Densharr and Benavides learn the rune was designed to suck a living soul into the Shadowweave and allow denizens of the Shadowweave to inhabit the mortal body. Since the ritual was interrupted, Sebastian's soul is slowly leaking into the Shadowweave and he will die in 6-10 weeks if this isn't stopped. Grizzly leaves them at the library to inform Lord Stoe of the danger. As he arrives at the Stoe estate, he spots Ilva in a nearby alley. She has been beaten but is still alive.

Grizzly takes her to the nearest temple, which is where Sir Pentis has been learning about Shar from a high priest. He learns that cultists of Shar appeared long ago, before Farlorn was destroyed but they were defeated quickly. The priest warns Sir Pentis that Shar has always had one goal – to replace the material plane with the Shadowweave – but that it would take support from a huge force like a government or many rich nobles to make such a thing come about. Grizzly arrives and the priest heals Ilva and promises to keep her safe. She relates that goons belonging to Lord Stoe abducted her and accused her of sickening Sebastian. When she couldn't answer their questions, they beat her and threw her out.

Meanwhile, Densharr and Benavides show up to the Stoe Estate only to be met by Sal and some cloaks. Rendez-vousing with Grizzly and Sir Pentis at the Constabulary, Sal recommends that the party get out of town. Lord Stoe is blaming them for what happened with the cult and it looks like it's a frame job. Sal believes the party is blameless but suggests they check out a shady new spa that has opened some distance from town. This will keep them out of Lord Stoe's reach and maybe turn up information that can cure young Sebastian.

The party makes plans to depart in the morning. Sir Pentis picks up a custom suit he ordered, Grizzly warns his family, Benavides acquires spell components and Densharr buys a nice necklace for Mixi. He gives it to her and explains they'll be out of town for awhile.


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