Erosis - Valtherion

Adventure Notes 4/23/17

Into the Kobold's Den

Venturing inside the Sunless Citadel, the party (now known as SPecial Executive for Counter-Tecromancy, Terror disposal, Evil elimination and Restitution of stolen goods or SPECTER for short.) immediately ran into a fancy locked door guarded by a Giant Rat. Pipagon claimed the rat's body as a trophy as the group moved on down a hall. They discovered a room with a mysterious iron keg, and a weeping kobold who explained that the goblins had stolen a dragon wyrmling named Calcryx. The kobold, Meepo, led the party to the kobold queen who spoke of the previous adventurers and a druid Outcast that leads the goblins. After offering a reward for recovering the stolen wyrmling, the queen granted safe passage and Meepo's aid, and SPECTER headed deep into the fortress. They came upon a fountain that belched fire breath potion and bottled some, then tripped an alarm bell at the goblin's back door. Retreating from that fight, the party encamps in the fountain room for a long rest.


CaroleOliver CaroleOliver

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