Erosis - Valtherion

Adventure Notes 4/16/17

In Need of a Magical Cure

Leaving Quantivas, the party took a brief 3-day journey to the small town of Oakhurst. There they talked to the local priest and townsfolk to learn a few interesting items:

> The "miracle cure" is real – it is a fruit sold by goblins that appear in town on the solstices.

> The "spa" was a business venture undertaken by some children of the General Store's owner. They had some kind of agreement with the goblins to bring more of the fruit, but the goblins didn't show up.

> Two weeks ago, the two children along with a hired paladin and ranger left to go visit the goblin stronghold, which is in old ruins called the "Sunless Citadel".

> Over the years a few adventurers have visited these ruins but they have disappeared. The General Store owner fears that her children will have the same fate and offered a reward for finding them.

The party headed out to the location of the Sunless Citadel. They found the ruins sunk into a ravine. After fending off some Giant Rats and navigating a pit trap, they entered the first tower room of the citadel to find evidence that the adventurers had made it that far (in the form of some goblin corpses.)


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